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Wifi Manager 1.0


Wifi Manger is an easy to use tool for scanning, troubleshooting and creating Wifi connections.
Wifi Manager provides detailed information about:
- Wifi access points in range, PHY mode,RSSI, Security mode, BSSID
- Wifi interface including supported channels, supported PHY modes, Active PHY mode, country code,    SSID, BSSID, Transmite power, Transmit rate, Noise, RSSI and mac address

Wifi Manager can be used to:
- Turn Wi-Fi on or off
- Scan for Wi-Fi networks
- Connect to or disconnect from Wi-Fi network

Using Wifi Manager

Using Wifi manager is very easy as it consists only of two tabs

- The First tab is the Interface info tab and it displays detailed information about your interface such as the mac address, the supported channels, supported PHY modes, Transmit power, Transmit rate, Noise and more.

- From the Interface info tab you can do three tasks.

a - Select the interface to display from the drop down list in the upper left corner.

b - Turn the Wi-Fi On or Off from the buttons in Power segment

c - Disconnect the current interface connection by pressing Disconnect button in the lower right corner

- The second tab is the Scan tab and you use it to scan for available Wi-Fi networks in range using the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the window.

- To connect to one of the networks just select the network and the press the Connect  button on the lower right corner, a dialog will appear asking for the password, enter the password for the selected network and press enter to connect.